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What is PACE?

Property Assessed Clean Energy is a financing mechanism for property owners to pay for energy efficiency and renewable energy measures, as authorized by Missouri state statute. PACE financing is all private capital, with no taxpayer funds. The financing is repaid with an annual assessment on the property. PACE lenders can offer 100% upfront financing for eligible improvements through fixed-rate loans for up to 20 years. Key requirement: energy savings must exceed cost of the measures.

MO Energy Saving Program

The official St. Louis County PACE Program.

PACE financing offers a broad range of benefits to commercial building owners, as well as energy efficiency/renewable energy contractors.


Missouri Energy Savings Program (MOESP), the official St. Louis County PACE Clean Energy Development Board, provides commercial PACE. Our administrator, Missouri Energy Initiative, operates the Open-Market Commercial PACE program, which connects you with more than 25 capital providers to compete for your business, providing lower costs and efficient services. Select below to guide you to your needed service.

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Click here to access the open market C-PACE (Lenders, Guidelines, & Contractors)

PACE Projects By the Numbers

About Us

St. Louis County established the Missouri Energy Savings Program in December 2011, under Ordinance No. 69056. The ordinance established a Clean Energy Development District and associated Board to administer a PACE program within St. Louis County.

As part of the launch of the Missouri Energy Savings Program, St. Louis County determined:

  • Investing in energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy improvements is financially beneficial over time, good for the environment, and aligned with County goals;

  • Upfront costs are a barrier to investments in major energy improvements for both commercial and residential property owners;

  • There are few financing options available that combine easy qualification, an attractive interest rate, and a relatively long repayment term.

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